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Can an Introvert be a YouTuber?

Can an Introvert be a YouTuber?

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Given the characteristics of introverts, it’s natural to ask: Can an Introvert be a YouTuber?

As an introvert, you definitely can make videos and be a YouTuber. If you have quality content or can at least deliver a reasonable value through your videos, it really doesn’t matter whether you are introvert or an extrovert.

You can 100% pursue YouTube. You just have to find an angle or an approach to put yourself and your content out there. (I will get to that in the next section)

Manny Ortiz, Frank James, Anthony Padilla, are some of the famous introverts on YouTube who built a name for themselves. Introverted folks make very entertaining video subjects ( Please note: there is a point of distinction between introversion and social anxiety).

They’re content to be at home, exploring, writing, photographing, and assisting others. They do, however, need to mingle, seek advice, assist others, and bounce ideas off of others, but their ideas come from inside.

Look at this way:

In most cases, making a video doesn’t involve social interaction, just talking/being in front of a camera. ( sometimes not even a physical presence in front of camera).

Who knows your favorite youtubers might be an introvert themselves? So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. You can go ahead and become a youtuber regardless.

Now, let’s talk about how you can start YouTube if you’re an introvert.

Approach to YouTube: Ideas for Introverts

So you want to share what you know about a subject you care about, but you’re afraid of appearing in front of the camera? Perhaps you get your energy from hobbies like reading, writing, or having a meaningful chat with a buddy.

Being an introvert should not be a hindrance. Without having to expose your face or even appear on camera, you can accomplish a variety of YouTube Channel genres and video ideas.

We’ll look at several YouTube channel ideas for introverts, and my best advice is to simply test a few and see which ones match your style and message.

  • DIY, and Tutorials :

This approach doesn’t always need extensive on-camera labor. In most cases, merely illustrating how to accomplish a goal is enough to bring value to the audience. These channels might demonstrate how to make something, a culinary recipe, or how to’s, so on and so forth.

An introvert friend of mine who recently began her channel uses this approach. You can check it here.

  • Compilations

Introverts could consider making compilation videos as a channel. On YouTube, compilations may be made in almost any genre. It’s simple to understand why compilations are one of the most popular video categories on YouTube. Viewers are immediately satisfied, regardless of the genre on which the collection is based.

You can make videos on comedy, motivation, songs, sports, fails, and pretty much anything else. Remember to contact the creators for permission to use their work in your videos before making these films. Here is a popular one

  •  Animation:

Animated videos are the great YouTube channel concept. If you have a creative streak, like to experiment with characters, or just want to convert tales into cartoons, animation may be for you.

Parodies of video games, TV series, movies, and other media are featured on some of the most popular animation channels I’ve seen.

You may acquire software like VideoScribe [nah, not an affiliate link :)] and use their collection of pictures and whiteboard animations to make various types of films. One of my favorite YouTube channel that uses this strategy is Improvement Pill.

  •  Instrumental Music

You may make lessons, as I’ve previously stated, or instrumental music if you want to start a music channel as an introvert. If you have musical skill but are afraid to perform in front of a camera, try playing or singing with a static picture in the backdrop. Alternatively, some light B-roll with lyrics shown would be ideal. An example would be this Lo-fi channel

  •  Podcast Channel

Another inventive method for approaching a YouTube channel is to just post your podcast episodes with a static picture or notes as the visual. You can just share your ideas, or interview guests in person, display a static graphic with the podcast art and a photo of the guest, just like this.

And So On…

Well, this is a non-exhaustive list and with time, I’ll keep adding more video ideas. Or, if you have a brilliant one, feel free to post them in the comments. I’ll gladly add them here.

Tips for Making YouTube Videos for Introverts

If you’ve made it till here, you might be seriously considering putting yourself out there.

And if you are, here are some suggestions or tips you might wanna consider:

1. Create a schedule

Given introverts’ natural aversion to being in front of a camera, there should be a way for them to get around it: Set out particular time periods on their schedule for video production.

2. Boost your energy 

Introverts and extroverts get their energy from various places. While making a video might be energizing for extroverts, it can be depleting for introverts, who would rather be off-camera and focused on an activity that provides them energy, such as reading or having a one-on-one talk with a buddy.

Because making videos depletes your energy supply, they’ll need to save some before putting yourself on camera. If they know they have a video they need to create because it’s planned, make sure they have time to charge, sleep, relax, and be alone.

3. Direct your attention to people you will help

The most crucial recommendation for introverts wanting to overcome their hurdles and create films is to delve into their “why.”

Yes, making videos and speaking to people as an introvert takes energy, but it’s critical to find a reason to do it, a reason to show up, a purpose to share your message, so that you may have a reason to put in a lot of work and benefit a lot of people.


Making fresh uploads on a regular basis increases your chances of being a popular YouTuber. Of course, errors will be made due to the temperament, but the more you do it, the better you will grow and the more likely you will be relevant. So, what are you waiting for? Let it go, get out there, and start making videos to conquer whatever is holding you back, and start YouTubing now!